Cosmo's Signature Chicken Jerky 8 oz
Cosmo's Signature Chicken Jerky 8 oz
Cosmo's Signature Chicken Jerky 8 oz

Cosmo's Signature Chicken Jerky 8 oz

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This product is temporarily priced higher to offset the unprecedented costs in raw material. We hope to get pricing back to normal as soon as possible. (updated 5/03/2021)
  • Lean, low in fat
  • Highly addictive
  • Nothing artificial, 100% natural
  • The original USA Made Chicken Jerky for pets

Our Signature Chicken Jerky is a true original. We created this 100% natural, ultra-premium chicken treat in 2012 in our basement-converted-kitchen. Since then, we’ve sold more than 75,000 lbs. of this stuff and have since grown into our own amazing production facility. Our product is notoriously consistent, highly addictive and still…without true competition.

This jerky is a straightforward, what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of product. You can SEE the slices are clearly from a whole, not formed, white meat chicken breast of the highest quality. You GET a product that’s only chicken – there is never anything added to any of our products. It’s a lean, high-protein snack that you can trust.

Cosmo’s Superior is not a marketing company - - we are the manufacturer.  We source all of our raw material from the human supply chain in the United States.  We’re small, honest and we care. 

For optimal life of the product, please store air-tight, in a cool, dry place.

If there are any bits and pieces left over at the end of the bag – use them as a food topper for a little extra surprise at dinner time!